Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Officers Note

I just turned the page to my calendar and it says November. That just can't be. I LOVE the Thanksgiving holiday. Besides the fact I will take the very long trek to Florida by myself with 2 kids for 9 hours in a car on the holiday weekend and I will probably stuff myself to the gills with turkey and all the trimmings, the holiday is about being thankful. That I am!
 We have so much available for us to do this month. I am so thankful for all the Board Members! They come out in thunderstorms, after soccer and baseball practices, weeks after giving birth, leaving their families at least once a month to help me plan a calendar and handle MOMS Club issues. THANK YOU...Lisa, Kelly, Tara, Kate, Erin and Tammy for ALL you do for the Club.
 Here are some photos of last month's Halloween event. Gabby and Natalie are still talking about how much fun they had!
Most Thankful Wishes,

Kristen Laatz

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Officers Note

Hey Moms,
It's officially Fall!  My windows will be open today. The tops of the trees are just hinting at the color they will be in just a few short weeks , neighborhood fruit stands are bursting with pumpkins and who could forget the famous pumpkin spice latte”. It is the BEST time of year I think!
Fall is the best time to be out and about in North Carolina. I love our October Calendar. So much to do! Tammy our Membership VP found an amazing location for our MOMS Club Halloween Party. It is going to be great fun!  Check out the website: We may try and meet up to follow each other. Tammy and her family have been here before and say it's great for kids our ages. Check out this month's calendar for details and your evite. I can assure you Gabby, Natalie and I will be there!
Also, last month at the Meet and Greet we stumbled upon Madison's Coffee House in Indian Trail. PERFECT spot for us to have a Meet and Greet event. They have a large private room with games and a large chalk board and magnetic dress up doll wall. The kids had a blast while we got to squeeze in a short little meeting and some "mom chat". The owner even came out and did tattoos on each of our 10-12 kids in attendance. I thought I would put it on the calendar again this month. I would love for everyone to check it out and help support a local Indian Trail business that seems to be super kid friendly.  Again, check your monthly calendar and evite for details!
When October ends the mad rush for the holiday season will begin. Didn't I say I would have started holiday shopping by now?? Well, maybe next year! Looking forward to spending some fun Autumn Days with my favorite group of girls and kids!
Best Regards,
Kristen Laatz

Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2011 Officers Note

Top 10 Reasons We Love the Moms Club of Indian Trail
10. Ice Cream Socials Mid-Day....need we say more!

9. A great group of moms right in our back yard!
8. When I host an event, my house gets clean mid-week!

7. Mom's Night Out once a month....awww yeah!
6. Great ideas that pass between one another for birthday parties, what to pack in my kids lunches, local deals and much much more!

5. Until we get more around town....what else is there to do in Indian Trail?
4. When you're down and out, a hot meal shows up at your door.

3. During summers and after school it's never been easier to keep my little one's occupied!
2. My kids have a great circle of friends!

and number 1!!!
The greatest group of friends I could have ever asked for (and the numbers keep growing)!

Happy September to all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August 2011 Officers Note

"A man's growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I saw this quote the other day and thought immediately of our MOMS Club’s chapter. I feel that way about all of us. We all have great successes in our individual lives. But together, we sing the praises of each other in our mission of support, encouragement and community involvement! I love what we can all be capable of when we work together. Over the next few months I will turn the focus to our Membership Committee to plan the Fall Membership Drive. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by all of you and look forward to welcoming more people from our community to join the club. So many of you in the club often times feel like you have created your own circle of friends in our community. Please feel free to invite those “circles” to be part of our group of amazing women. I think the club is a great platform to teach our children what teamwork is all about. Our next opportunity to share some time with prospective new members would be at the August All Member Meet and Greet on 8/16 at My Child and Me Fun Center. Details should be hitting your mailboxes soon.
On top of the Membership Drive, I have reached out to the board to start looking for ideas for our next Community Service Project. I would LOVE to hear from each and every member for ideas. Last year the Club raised $250 for the American Heart Association in honor of our own fallen member Paige Marie. A good number of us walked in the Heart Walk again in Paige’s honor. It was such a great feeling for me and my daughters to be a part of that event together. You felt the energy from all of us as we walked united as a club for a great cause. I know all of us have a cause we like to support and welcome any and all ideas for future service project ideas. I will put a signup sheet at the August 16th All Member Meet and Greet and hope to get some great ideas.
Thank you all and look forward to a great rest of our summer!
Kristen Laatz

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July 2011 Officers Note

Happy Summer to all our MOMS Club members and kids! I spent a few minutes reflecting on the last year and have included some photos to share with all of you. I feel so lucky to have met each of you and look forward to meeting many more as our club continues to grow.

 It is the end of the school year, end of another MOMS Club fiscal year and if the heat wasn’'t getting to our heads our darling children home from school surely are! Last night the new board met for the first time; a great group of ladies with great talents and even greater ideas. As we began the process of planning the next month calendar I couldn'’t help but think what each member could contribute. If a group of 7 of us came up with all of these wonderful ideas what must 20 of us come up with…, or more for that matter? 

 This July we will have our first monthly General Membership Meeting for the new year.  I encourage all of you to come and bring a friend if you like. This club is about us and our children. It’s about supporting each other, encouraging each other, meeting new people in our community and having FUN.  

 The July calendar is packed with great MOMS Club events. Movie Dates, Park Dates, Popsicle's at Tammy’s, Ice Cream at Lauras’ and even a Field Trip up to Huntersville and the new Discovery Place Kids.  Mark this date in your calendar… - JULY 18th

In the weeks coming I will be personally mailing a letter to your home with the details of the General Membership Meeting. We will find a place that kids can play and we can meet. (At least we will try! J) Keep checking your mailboxes for details. I look forward to seeing each of you there.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Our Club!

Hello Friends!  Welcome to our first post.  We are a group of stay at home Moms in the Indian Trail/ Stallings area of North Carolina that loves keeping our kiddo's busy.  Whether it be playtime at the park or a meeting at the local pool, we are always on the go.

Stay tuned for future photos of our gatherings.

If you would like information regarding our Moms Club or think you would like to join, please email us at